Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something, not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves,they wanna tell you you can’t do it.If you want something, go get it. Period.


1、Age wrinkles the body.Quitting wrinkles the soul.


2、Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.


3、It takes backbone to lead the life you want.


4、I live to be the ruler of life, not a slave.


5、For beautiful eyes,look for the good in others.


6、A lazy youth, a lousy age.


7、It’s not what you do once in a while ,it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the differnce.


8、If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered.


9、I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry, when my heart is broken, is it needed to fix?


10、No one indebted for others, while many people don’t know how to cherish others.


11、The world won’t care about your self-esteem, The world expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.        –Bill Gates


12、One may overcome a thousand men in battle ,but he who conquers himself is the greatest victor.–Nehru


13、You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
― Albert Camus


14、To see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things — machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon; to see man’s work — his paintings, towers and discoveries; to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to; the women that men love and many children; to see and take pleasure in seeing; to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed;thus to see, and to be shown, is now the will and new expectancy of half mankind.   –《life》


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